What are accommodation centres?

Accommodation centres provide accommodation for people who have sought asylum and have nowhere else to go. Living in a centre is completely voluntary and residents can leave at any time.

The term Direct Provision refers to a suite of services offered across Government for people in international protection.

What is the Direct Provision System?

Under EU and international law, Ireland is obliged to examine the claim of any person who arrives here and claims asylum.

While that claim is being examined, accommodation and related services are provided for anyone without means.

This includes all meals, clothing, medical care and utilities.  A weekly personal allowance is also paid to each person (€38.80 for adults and €29.80 for children).

The whole-of-Government approach means:

  • The Department of Justice and Equality offers accommodation and related services.
  • The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection pays a weekly personal allowance to each resident and covers any exceptional needs.
  • The Department of Education and Skills provides school places for children resident in the centres and children also have access to the free pre-school scheme, the Early Childhood Care and Education programme.
  • The HSE provides mainstreamed health services to residents.

There is a network of accommodation centres around the State (40 in total). There are positive relationships between residents and local communities in all cases.  Friends of the Centre groups are in place nationwide.