About Tullamore

About the Centre

 The Marian Hostel Accommodation Centre will open as an accommodation centre for people in the International Protection process (also known as asylum seekers) in early March 2020.

The centre will eventually be home to 168 people, made up of small families and single people. Residents will move into the centre on a phased basis while their claims for international protection are being examined.

The centre will consist of the Marian Hostel as well as dedicated spaces for families and singles. This will ensure additional privacy and comfort for all residents.


 The centre will facilitate independent living for residents. This means that all residents will have access to cooking facilities and an in-house food hall where they can get their groceries using a cashless points-based system.

The centre also features a dining area and recreational spaces.

The centre has an onsite laundry facility and will also provide an outsourced service for larger items when required.

Families will live in a dedicated area of the centre, with its own cooking and recreational area, while single individuals will live in a separate area of the centre, also with their own cooking and recreational space.

Staff will be on site 24/7 and will be available to answer any questions the community may have.

Investing in the local community

Following a regional procurement process, the Marian Hostel was offered to the Department of Justice by Bridgestock Care.

Bridgestock Care will employ up to 20 locally based staff, who will oversee management, reception, catering, housekeeping and general maintenance of the centre.

Bridgestock Care has committed to sourcing all supplies from within the locality, wherever possible.

Tullamore has previously welcomed international protection applicants when Bridgestock Care managed an accommodation centre on Church Road from 2004 to 2006.

Becoming part of the community

Integration has hugely positive effects for both communities and centres alike by increasing friendships and understanding, while also building a richer multicultural community.

A Friends of the Centre group will be established in the Marian Hostel Accommodation Centre. This initiative aims to bring residents, community and voluntary groups together with a view to increasing integration opportunities and providing for the development of greater community linkages with the local residents and the centre.

If you are interested in getting involved and becoming a Friend of the Centre, please click here.

In addition, an an Activities Co-ordinator from the local area will be appointed to take overall responsibility for promoting integration initiatives and opportunities for residents.  The Activities Co-ordinator will develop strong collaborative working relationships with sporting, cultural and community projects and groups in the area that can cater for the recreational needs of all of residents.  The Activities Co-ordinator will also help residents to find suitable employment (if they have been granted permission to access the labour market), access further education, volunteering and sporting opportunities, etc.